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Best Baby Toys for Enhancing Development

March 14, 2019, Author: Tamra Cater

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It was tough to choose baby toys for my new baby, because there were so many possibilities!  There were several toys that I have used and loved, which I recommend here. I also added toys to this list that have had good reviews according to Amazon and can still help improve development.

best baby toys

The Best Baby Toys for Enhancing Development

1.Fischer-Price Rainforest Music and Lights Deluxe Gym

tummy time mat

We had one very similar to this, and we absolutely loved it! We utilized it a lot for tummy time. This is when you place your baby on their stomach, so that they can begin to build the muscles that they need to pick their head up and eventually roll over and crawl. In addition, this has music and lights, which can help stimulate visual and auditory development. Last of all, this mat has toys that the baby can learn to grasp. Initially, newborns will grasp objects as more of a reflex, but over time and with practice, they will learn to intentionally grasp objects such as rings and other toys.

2.Fischer-Price Rattle ‘n Rock Maracas

baby rattles

This is a #1 best seller on Amazon. This is great for babies to practice their grasping skills. The variety of colors, shapes, and textures also help develop the baby’s senses.  Also, because they make noise when the baby shakes them, the baby can start to learn about cause and effect.

3.Melissa and Doug Flip Fish Baby Toy

baby toy

We had a toy like this, and we loved it! This helps with multiple developmental skills such as grasping and finger strength (fine motor skills, which involve the fingers). The crinkly scales help stimulate tactile exploration, while the bright colors help develop the visual senses. It is also made of fabric that is easy to clean!

4. Fischer-Price Brilliant Basics Baby’s First Blocks

baby blocksbaby blocks

The older model is on the left, and the newer model is on the right. These blocks have great reviews on Amazon, and this is a toy we have used a lot! It’s great for grasping skills, as well as identifying shapes and colors. My daughter used to put all of the blocks into the container without the top on it, and then dump them out, and do it again!  She eventually moved on to building towers and then knocking them over (improves motor skills). Last of all, she was able to drop the shape in the correct hole on the top of the container.

5.LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table

baby toy

This has great reviews on Amazon! We used a similar table, and my daughter actually still uses it! There are so many things that can be done with this table such as learning colors, numbers, letters, and even new words. There are many songs and tunes that can be played, and instruments such as the piano can be explored. Motor development is definitely a big part of this as well, as babies can hold onto this while standing and strengthen their legs. They can also walk around while holding onto the table, which helps them with eventually learning to walk on their own.

6.The First Years Stack Up Cups

This is a best seller on Amazon, and it has amazing reviews! Babies can fit them together or even make pyramids/towers out of them. They also have large numbers embossed on the base of the cups, so this can help with number recognition. They can also be used for color recognition.

7.Spashlin’ kids Inflatable Tummy Time Premium Water Mat


This has great reviews on Amazon and is a #1 best seller in early development activity centers. The product descriptions states that this is made out of “heavy duty PVC that has been thoroughly tested” and will not leak water. Because this is used during tummy time, this water mat helps develop head, neck, and should muscles. This mat can help stimulate the visual senses in that there are bright colors and there’s a lot of contrast, so the graphics are eye catching. It can also help with hand-eye coordination when the infant tries to reach for a toy that is floating by. I definitely wish I had something like this for my baby!

8. Manhattan Toy Winkle Rattle and Sensory Toy

best baby toy

This has excellent reviews on Amazon, and it is also Amazon’s Choice for “best baby toys.”  It is appropriate for newborns and babies that are a little older. The colors and shape of this toy can intrigue babies, so this might stimulate them to learn to track this toy and turn their head. In addition,  this toy stimulates grasping and clutching, as well as two-handed play.  The middle cube also has a rattle sound, so the baby can explore cause and effect. And as mentioned in the title, it can be used for teething! So, this can be put in the fridge, so it can help provide relief for a baby’s sore gums.

9.Infantino Textured Multi Ball Set

This has excellent reviews and is Amazon’s Choice for “baby ball.” We used these for our baby, and we loved them! She used them for rolling and throwing. It also helped with tactile senses! These balls are recommended for babies that are 6 months and older.

10.Lamaze- My First Fishbowl Toy

best baby toy

This toy is completely adorable and has great reviews on Amazon! According to the product description, “the crinkly crab, rattling starfish, squeaky oyster, and jingling fish will help baby begin to distinguish unique sounds.”  Babies can also take the creatures back and forth between transparent walls, which helps develop fine-motor skills.

Final Thoughts on the Best Baby Toys for Enhancing Development

I believe these are some of the best baby toys for stimulating various aspects of development such as motor and cognitive development. I hope this list helps you! Playing with babies is so much fun and does so much for their development!

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