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6 Reasons Why Being a Mom is Hard

December 5, 2019, Author: Tamra Cater

According to an article on Huffpost, being a mom means “giving air to the lungs that grew within you, and sight to the eyes that will never see you as anything but mommy.” It’s also kissing those scratches and scrapes, as well as being the rock when they cry. It’s picking them up when they […]


A Christmas Sensory Bin for Toddlers

November 23, 2019, Author: Tamra Cater

A sensory bin is a plastic tub that is filled with materials that stimulate the senses. Sensory bins are great, because they are quick to put together and relatively inexpensive. Also, sensory bins are an easy way to engage in sensory play without having to go to a children’s museum. Thus, I decided to create […]


Tech and Apps to Help Students Succeed

November 12, 2019, Author: Tamra Cater

This is a guest post done by Rae Steinbach. Please see the bio below! Many parents and teachers have trouble keeping children off their phones, but technology actually opens a variety of new opportunities at school. More and more apps are looking for ways to engage students in the classroom and improve educational outcomes. This […]

Picky Eating

Recipes Your Picky-Eater Will Love

November 7, 2019, Author: Tamra Cater

As parents, we want our children to eat a variety of healthy foods, so it’s frustrating when they do not. Toddlerhood seems to be the time when it happens most.  Parents may wonder about whether their kids will grow out of this phase or what recipes their picky-eater will enjoy! Some kids outgrow picking eating, […]


Your Guide to the Best Christmas Gifts for Toddlers

October 29, 2019, Author: Tamra Cater

I’m excited for the Christmas holidays this year. Last year, my daughter was just beginning to understand what Christmas was all about, so I’m hoping this Christmas is even better! I think aside from gifts, it’s important to create memories and experiences for your child that will last! This helps to build closeness with everyone […]


How to Start a Blog in 4 Easy Steps

October 23, 2019, Author: Tamra Cater

I started a blog in January of this year, because I wanted to share my passion for child development. I also wanted to explore this possibility of making money from it. Blogging has been fun, and I have met a lot of great people! In addition, I’m just beginning to make some money from it. […]


Your Ultimate Guide to Baby Teething

October 17, 2019, Author: Tamra Cater

This is a guest post done by Brittany- Check out her bio at the bottom! can begin as early as 4 months, although some babies don’t cut their first tooth until 12 months or later. The time frame that your child will pop their first tooth can vary drastically from one kid to another, like […]


What Moms Wish They Knew About Toddlers

October 14, 2019, Author: Tamra Cater

The toddler years occur between 1-3 years of age. These are very interesting times, as it brings new challenges, but it is also an exciting time! Your toddler likely shows new skills and ideas that surprise you. As a parent, I have also learned a lot from own daughter, as you can read from one […]


What Moms Wish They Knew About Newborns

October 9, 2019, Author: Tamra Cater

There were a lot of things I wish I knew about newborns. For example, I wish I knew that they woke up often to feed, even at 2 am. And at 4 am. Not to mention 6 am. I honestly thought they slept a lot, which they do. However, I didn’t know how often they […]


21 Christmas Traditions You Should Try this Year

October 3, 2019, Author: Tamra Cater

I feel as if Christmas will be here before we know it. I enjoy the holidays, especially spending time with family. Christmas traditions have also been my favorite part, so I thought I’d create a post on it. As a kid, I remember always going to see the most extravagant Christmas light displays. Even today, […]