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Parenting fails

12 Hilarious Parenting Fails

March 9, 2019, Author: Tamra Cater

hilarious parenting fails

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Parenting is probably the best job in the world. However, it can be exhausting at times, so sometimes we are forgetful and may make silly mistakes. Or we are not “up to date” with the times, so we don’t understand what our children are wanting and why they need it. For example, I didn’t get a cell phone until college, so I may not understand why my daughter might want a phone earlier than when I got one. Thus, as parents, we always want to the best for our kids and do the best we can. But, sometimes we do make mistakes. So, I have compiled a list of humorous parenting fails from people I know in order to remember that we are not always perfect, but it doesn’t mean we are bad parents. Rather, it means that we can find humor in those mistakes. I asked people to consider their own parenting fails and that of their parents.

hilarious parenting fails

My List of Hilarious Parenting Fails

“I used to put Jordan in time out and forget about him, then would find him asleep later.”  -Mother of 2 boys from Colorado

“My parents forgot me at church.” -Women from California

“My oldest when she was about 2.5 years old decided to poop behind the bushes next to the window at TGIF. We just left the bathroom and there were people eating literally a foot away on the other side of the glass.” -Mother of 2 girls from Mississippi

“We took Anna to school on a day that there was no school….they called us an hour later to come get her.” -Mother of 2 daughters, 2 step-daughters, and 1 step-son from Georgia

“SJ asked me a couple of years ago (he was 7 at the time) if he can have a Deadpool costume for Halloween. I’ve never seen Deadpool so I didn’t know what it was about. I went to the Halloween store and asked where I could find Deadpool costumes in children’s sizes and the clerk told me…Ma’am, Deadpool is not appropriate for kids.” -Mother of 2 boys from Georgia

“My daughter Hannah stuck sanitary napkin “stickers” all over my bedroom wall.” -Mother of 2 girls from Mississippi

“One time, we had all the kids in the backseat, we had given them glow sticks… think no big deal, right? The kids were cracking them and shaking them to have them light up… still no big deal… they were having fun! Right up till the point when one of the kids broke one completely open and had it in her mouth! I swear we almost wrecked! Anna’s entire mouth was glowing, along with her hands and face! We called poison control and luckily glow sticks are non toxic…”  -Mother of 2 daughters, 2 step-daughters, and 1 step-son from Georgia

“I’m at Walmart with my grandmother. I was like 15 or 16, and she said go get a shirt and I’ll be right here… Ok, no big deal… She wasn’t there. I called her and she said she was on her way home. I asked her if she forgot anything at Walmart, and I could hear her tires squeal and she said shit… Moral of the story she came back to Walmart to get the butter she forgot to buy.” -Mother of 2 girls from Colorado

“You know those plastic containers that cakes come in that are so hard to open without making any noise? Me at 10 pm the other night: “CRRRAACKKK!” Kid from his bed upstairs: Mommy, you eating cake?” -Mother of 2 boys from Colorado

“As far as my parents’ parenting fails, the only thing that ever stood out to me was when we were about two weeks from moving from California to Germany, and I had the lead role in our senior play at my high school. My parents had a farewell dinner planned for them the same night and instead of telling the people planning the dinner that they could not make it o that date as their daughter had the lead role in the play, they chose to stick with the dinner and missed my first performance in a leading role.” -Woman from Mississippi

“This week, I have a dry erase board on my fridge where I write myself notes and stuff. I look and the word “B****” is on it really big. I ask my husband if he did it, and he has no clue, so I text the kids and ask. The oldest blames her sister and said she helped teach her to spell because I failed as a parent and didn’t her how to spell bad words, and it’s a life lesson, so she needs to know.  She said she did her a favor and doesn’t believe she should be in trouble too.” -Mom of 2 girls from Mississippi

“I was doing laundry with Jayden, and she wants to hold the Tide pod. I said ok, just don’t put it in your mouth. I turn around to see her gaging and foaming at the mouth. I called poison control, washed her mouth out and asked why did that. She said it smelled like really good food. Ok, whatever, I go back to doing laundry and again Jayden wanted to hold the NEW tide pod, fine she learned the first time. Nope, I turn around to her trying to lick it. Moral of this story… My daughter started the tide pod challenge.” -Mother of 2 girls from Colorado.

Final Thoughts on Hilarious Parenting Fails

Keep humor in your parenting, even with the mistakes. And sometimes, even when you’re in the midst of frustrating parenting moments, it’s best to just laugh it off.  You are doing the best you can, and mistakes happen.

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