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15 Must Haves For your Baby Registry

March 6, 2019, Author: Tamra Cater

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As a brand new mom, I had no idea what to put on my baby registry. Honestly, I more or less winged it. However, now that I have had a baby, there are things that I did get that worked out really well for us, as well as things I wish I had on my registry. Here are my top must haves for your baby registry.

must haves for Baby registry

Must Haves for Your Baby Registry

1.Lots of Diapers! 

must haves for your baby registry

I have tried a lot of different kinds of diapers, and pampers were the ones I liked the most. They seem to be the softest and did the best in terms of absorption. I don’t think we ever had any blowouts with these diapers. I would also suggest getting more than one size, so you have them on hand when your baby grows out of the newborn ones. Growth is rapid during the first year!

2.Lots of Wipes! 

must haves for your baby registry

My daughter has sensitive skin, as well as eczema. So, I felt as if these worked best with her. Ask for lots of these, because you will likely be using these for quite a while!

3.Baby Monitor

must haves for your baby registry

I think this kind of baby monitor worked out well for us. The only reason I might have wanted a monitor with video is so I could see if she was actually up and awake or if she was just crying a little bit in her sleep. This might have prevented me from running in there to check on her more than I needed to. Also, in terms of a need for a monitor, it might also depend if you will have your baby sleeping in the same room as you.

4.Sleep Sacks

must haves for your baby registry

I was terrible at swaddling my baby, so I really wish I had more of these. We did get one, but it was made of heavier material than this cotton, so she got a little overheated. These sleep sacks are good for keeping your baby warm without covering the baby with any blankets (this is a suffocation hazard).

5.Baby Swing

Some parents are wonderfully blessed with babies that slept through the night early on. Mine did not. So, one way to help soothe my baby and get her to sleep in the middle of the night was by using a swing (we tried many things, and this was what helped the most!). It saved us on many nights. In addition, these swings can be very useful for helping your baby nap.

6. Car Seat
must haves for your baby registry

This car seat is one that your baby can grow into. I am so glad we got one of these rather than getting one that was just suited for a baby and one that was suited for just a toddler.


baby pacifier

Some babies like pacifiers, while some don’t. However, my baby loved these pacifiers! In addition, pacifiers can help decrease the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

8.Baby Tub

We didn’t start with a baby tub like this, and I wish we did. This type of tub can be used from newborn to toddler (so the sling comes off once your baby can sit up in this tub). This tub has great reviews on Amazon.

9. Baby Carrier

We did get a baby carrier, but I wish we had one that had more back support such as this one. I enjoyed having this for when we took family walks or when we went to in town events. Some moms like to have this when they are doing chores around the house and want to wear their baby. However, my daughter did not like to be worn like this unless we were outside. In addition, this baby carrier grows with your child, so it can be converted depending on the size of your child. It does have amazing reviews on Amazon!

10. Thermometer

This one can be easily used on the forehead. It can be used for newborns, babies, toddlers, and even adults. I didn’t start with one like this, but eventually got one later.


baby stroller

We got a stroller like this one, and it worked well for our newborn up until she became a toddler. This one can recline, and it has extra roomy storage on the bottom. I never understood how parents carry babies in a baby carrier, while walking around at in-town events. Thus, I was so glad we had a stroller for our daughter! I would have broke my arm trying to carry the carrier!

12.Baby Bath Kit
must have for your baby registry

I got a similar kit like this. This comes with baby wash, baby shampoo, diaper rash cream (a must have!), and a reusable bath caddy with a handle. These products are meant to be gentle on baby’s sensitive skin. It does have excellent reviews on Amazon.

13. Bath towel and washcloths

baby bath towels

Don’t forget these for bath time!


must have for your baby registrybaby clothes

I wish I had asked for more clothes, and I think this an affordable gift set. It comes with sleepwear, blankets, burp cloths, mittens, hats,  and onesies. Also, asks for lots of socks and pants! And, it may also be helpful to ask for clothes in bigger sizes as well, so when your baby starts to grow out of what they have, you have something on hand for them.

15. Diaper Pail

must haves for your baby registrymust haves for your baby registry

I think a diaper pail is a must have for your baby registry. These seal the bag shut once the lid closes, and it’s convenient to have this right beside your diaper changing table. Also, ask for plenty of diaper pail refills! You will need them! 🙂


Other Items to Include on Your Baby Registry

You can include a crib, crib mattress, as well as crib sheets/blankets on your baby registry. Also, there are some things that you might want to include, but I wouldn’t necessarily consider it a must-have. For example, they have baby wipe warmers. I would have liked to have had one, because baby wipes can be cold, but I didn’t consider it a necessity.

Also, a good humidifier could be something to include especially if your baby is sick or has sensitive skin (mine had eczema, so this helped a lot!). You can also include a variety of bottles if you will be bottle feeding at some point. There are also bottles specifically for breast milk.

Also, a good diaper bag is a must. I would try to find one that includes a mat that you put your baby on when you have to change him or her. In addition, you could get consider getting a high chair.

Where can I start my Baby Registry?

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    Omg I wish this post was around when I was building my registry, I put SO MANY THINGS I NEVER USED!! And then what I needed I didn’t even have enough off!! Great suggestions, nailed each one!


    April 21, 2019 Reply
    • avatar image
      Thank you! I wish I had a list of some sort myself. Lol I was so lost!

      Tamra Cater

      April 21, 2019 Reply