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A Fun Seashell Hunting Activity for Kids

April 18, 2020, Author: Tamra Cater

With summer rapidly approaching, now’s the perfect time to start thinking about days when your family can travel and enjoy a sunny vacation somewhere warm and sandy. When it comes to the beach, there are tons of fun things to do with your kids that make lasting memories. Seashell hunting is an enjoyable, educational, free activity that will get your kids curious to learn about marine life while taking home some souvenirs from the trip.

Here are some seashell-hunting best practices to make the most of your trip:

  1. Learn About Marine Animals That Make Shells

There are hundreds of thousands of sea creatures that make shells! From clams and cockles to scallops and snails, each animal has its own unique shell in endless colors, shapes and patterns. To teach your kids how to easily identify shells and learn more about the animals they once contained, download these printable seashell identification flashcards. These are a great stay-at-home activity if you’re stuck indoors.

Click here to download.

seashell hunting activity for kids
  1. Responsibly Collect Seashells

Once your kids are seashell identification masters, it’s time to hit the beach. When you go seashell hunting, you’ll want to take a shovel, some sunglasses, and a fine mesh bag to store any shells. To make seashell hunting a game, print out these seashell scavenger hunt checklists.

Click here to download the seashell scavenger hunt checklists.

seashell hunting activity for kids

Remember to remind your kids that they should never pick up a shell if it still has an animal in it.

  1. Clean and Store Your Shells

When it’s time to take your shells home, remember the three steps to make your shells shiny and long-lasting:

  1. Soak your shells in water, refreshing it every few days, for up to a week.

  2. Scrub away sand and debris using an old toothbrush. Dry the shells thoroughly.

  3. Buff your shells with a food-safe mineral oil to bring out their natural vibrance.

Amassing an impressive seashell collection is a great way to get your kids excited to learn more about marine life. And best of all, it’s a fun and free way to make lasting family memories. I hope this seashell activity for kids is helpful for you and your family!

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    Love this! I used to love collecting shells on holiday with my grandparents. I can’t wait to do the same with my children when they’re older and understand.

    Thia Robinson

    April 22, 2020 Reply