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Baby Sleep Solutions: A Book Review

March 18, 2020, Author: Tamra Cater

baby sleep solutions

I was one of those parents. I was jealous when someone told me their baby slept through the night by 6 months or even less! This was because my daughter wouldn’t sleep through the night for a very long time. I spent many a night sleeping on the couch in our living room, while my daughter slept in her swing. We had her where she’d fall asleep in her crib when we put her to bed, but we couldn’t get her to go back to sleep if she woke up to feed.

Needless to say, my daughter finally slept through the night, but it took a long time! While I don’t want to have another biological child, we’d like to adopt an older child. But, being that I had such a hard time figuring out the puzzle of how to get my daughter to sleep, I’m always interested in reading material that gives advice on this. I want to use this knowledge to help other moms if they are having trouble with the same issue.

In comes Baby Sleep Solutions. This a great book on how to get your baby to sleep through the night. The author is Katrina Villegas, and she concedes that we don’t have to accept that our babies wake up all night all the time.

Overview of Baby Sleep Solutions

Katrina goes through some steps to help your baby sleep through the night. Here are some of them:

One step is showing your baby the difference between day and night. For example, during the day, open the curtains and play with your baby. Be active with them! When it’s nighttime, keep things quiet and dark. Also, do not wake up your child during the night- Let them wake up naturally for night time feedings.

Get your baby to take full feedings. If you ensure that your baby is getting full feedings during the day, they should sleep better and for longer stretches at night. Sometimes, however, newborns fall asleep when they are feeding due to the soothing comfort they get from sucking. It’s important, however, to keep them awake to help ensure they get a full feeding.

Set up nap and nighttime routines. Katrina suggests developing routines that are simple, consistent, and quick. For example, for a nap routine, you might change their diaper, swaddle them, close the curtains, turn off the lights, and then turn on a sound machine. You can then tell your baby that it’s nap time and give them cuddles.

Get into an eat, wake, and sleep cycle. This just means that your baby eats, then has some awake time, and then sleeps. This happens throughout the day.

You also want to get your baby on a feeding and sleeping schedule. When you tie all of Katrina’s techniques together, you’ve got a schedule that you follow that helps ensure your baby sleeps better at night. Katrina does walk you thought how to create a schedule of eating, being awake, and sleeping. In addition, she does have sample schedules that you may try to follow- And she gives you sample schedules for you to follow for the entire first year!

Do Schedules Help with Baby Sleep?

Katrina conducted an informal study by polling a group of parents that follow the eat, wake, sleep schedule and use many of Katrina’s techniques. She had 300 participants who used no form of cry it out sleep training. She found that “80.4% of babies were sleeping through the night before 6 months of age”. While I wish Katrina had used more formal studies to indicate whether or not schedules help with nighttime sleep, this is promising data. But, most of the research I remember reading suggests that schedules do help with nighttime sleep.

My Reactions to Baby Sleep Solutions

I love how detailed Katrina is and how she offers sample schedules to help you get your baby on one. She also has an appendix that offers solutions to common problems in getting your baby on a schedule. For example, Katrina has a section on how to handle short naps and one on schedule changes.

To be honest, I never had my daughter on a schedule, and it likely would have made things much easier in terms of getting her to sleep through the night. She didn’t sleep through the night until she was almost 2. So, I wish that I had this book before my daughter was born, so we would have had all the information we need to work on getting her on a schedule. With all of this being said, I would highly recommend this book! It gives you all the tools and information you need to get your baby on a schedule and sleeping better at night!

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Baby Sleep Solutions Author Bio:

Katrina is a mom of 3 (A 5-year-old, one angel baby, and a 1-year-old). She is a mom that uses schedules and routines, but also cloth diapers, makes her own baby food and baby wears! She is very passionate about the benefits of breastfeeding on a schedule, and a huge advocate of doing what’s right for YOUR family. Keep it real with her over at

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    It is great that your daughter is now sleeping through the night! It is interesting to learn about the different steps it takes to introduce a habit to a newborn. Thanks for sharing all of these tips! I don't have kids at the moment but someday :)! Nancy ♥


    March 22, 2020 Reply