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The Surprising Effects of Cuddling Your Baby

February 2, 2020, Author: Tamra Cater

Ever since my daughter was born, I have always enjoyed cuddling her. As such, I have wondered about the effects of cuddling on my baby. Does it help build resilience? Does it improve their physical health?

With my background in psychology, I do know that our brains are malleable and change with experience. However, this is more so the case with younger children.

One misconception that people have about cuddling is that it will “spoil” the child. The idea behind it is that the child will learn to cry in order to be picked up.  Research shows that this is not the case. In fact, cuddling and carrying your baby leads to a less stressed child.

The effects of cuddling often start in the “golden hour,” which refers to the 60 minutes after birth. This is important for skin-to-skin contact, bonding, and breastfeeding. So, what are the effects of cuddling on a baby?

effects of cuddling your baby

Effects of Cuddling

Cuddling Helps Build an Attachment

When you respond to your baby’s cues with cuddling, you are building an attachment or a strong emotional bond with your child. Cuddling replicates the womb environment, so your child feels safe and warm.

Thus, you will never spoil your child when you cuddle with them or pick them up. You’re building a secure attachment or a strong foundation for future relationships, as well as self-confidence.

Cuddling helps develop the brain

According to a study conducted with 125 full-term and premature newborns in Columbus, Ohio, hugs and gentle affection result in positive brain responses and help counteract other traumas.

In addition, this finding means that pre-term babies likely experience early hugs as good instead of overwhelming (while also resulting in positive brain responses). Pre-term babies may receive a lot of pain medications, which affects how they perceive touch (as potentially overstimulating). However, hugs can help counteract some of these negative experiences.

Thus, enjoy that baby and cuddle away as it will only help their brain grow and develop!

Cuddling changes your baby’s DNA

When you cuddle your baby, it changes your baby even at the level of DNA. One study conducted in 2017 found that cuddling one’s baby changes them at a molecular level. In particular, cuddling had an impact that lasted for years by changing the babies’ genes.

Specifically, 94 healthy, 5-week old babies were followed by the researchers. Parents kept diaries of when the babies ate, slept, and how much contact the babies received. The researchers then swabbed the children four years later to get their DNA.

Interestingly, the researchers found that the babies who were held less and more distressed had a molecular profile that was underdeveloped for their age. The researchers concluded that this reflected “less favorable developmental progress.” That being said, this may mean that a baby that is held more is more advanced cognitively,

It helps lessen pain

One study conducted in 2000 found that cuddling was almost like a good pain intervention. Specifically, the researchers found that when mothers held their babies close during a heel lance or stick (to obtain a blood sample) were less likely to cry as much and grimace than babies who had the procedure done while swaddled in a crib. In addition, the babies’ heart rates were more relaxed when they were held.

Hugs may build resilience

Cuddling and hugs help reduce the stress hormone known as cortisol. In addition, cuddling helps increase the release of oxytocin, which helps build feelings of trust and bonding. Thus, cuddling helps babies feel less stressed and soothed.

In contrast to this, when babies are left in distress for prolonged periods of time, they are not able to regulate these emotions and can result in toxic levels of stress. Too much exposure to stress hormones can result in the development of depression later on in life.

Thus, hugs are important in helping your child regulate their emotions. For instance, babies that are hugged more cry less and sleep better. 

Generally, children who are hugged more are more relaxed and better able to regulate their emotions. Regulating one’s emotions is a big part of resilience. Resilience refers to one’s ability to bounce back from life’s stressors and challenges.

One Idea for Baby Wearing and Cuddling

One great way to hold your baby close is by using a wrap or a sling of some sort to carry your baby around, as this is a great way to build an attachment and bond. Here are some of my recommendations on the best ones:

Final Thoughts on the Effects of Cuddling

Remember that hugging and cuddling are important for your baby’s development from day 1. You can never spoil your baby by always cuddling them and picking them up when they cry. You can actually hurt your baby’s development if you don’t provide that kind of affection. So, hug and cuddle away, as it is crucial for your child’s emotional, social, and physical development!

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    Great message you're promoting here! I am all about attachment parenting. Although my 1 year old doesn't really care to be worn anymore, we are a big co-sleeping, nursing, cuddling duo. :)


    February 2, 2020 Reply
    • avatar image
      Thanks. My daughter has always loved to be cuddled, although she never carried much for baby wearing!

      Tamra Cater

      February 2, 2020 Reply
  • avatar image
    We are a cuddle family and I couldn't agree more with this post! We have three kids and they all have been cuddled and not one is "spoiled"... I love the message you are sharing!


    February 2, 2020 Reply
  • avatar image
    So informative, I love to cuddle the little ones..

    Under Flowery Sky

    February 3, 2020 Reply
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    One word: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love this message!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Love YOU!!!


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    Great post. I completely agree with everything. I am not a mum yet but I found these tips very useful !


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