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Mother's Day

How to Celebrate Your Mom at Home this Year

April 30, 2020, Author: Tamra Cater

This Mother’s Day, even if you’re not able to go out to brunch, see a movie, or go shopping to celebrate Mom, you can still pamper her at home with your very own DIY Mother’s Day celebration. Wikibuy created some unique decorations and activities for Mom (this is where you can find access to free printables that are discussed in this blog post) to make sure that Mother’s Day at home is just as fun as Mother’s Day out and about. 

Decorate Your Walls With a Customized Photo Banner 

This photo banner printable allows you to use some photos you have sitting around and write special messages to Mom about why the memories in the photos are special. All you need is some clothespins and a bit of string to make your memories come alive! 

Express Your Thanks on Every Doorknob 

Before Mom gets up on Mother’s Day, print out these door hangers and write why you’re thankful for her, as well as all the lessons she’s taught you. Print out a couple of sheets and try to hang one on as many doorknobs in your house as possible. Then, let your mom go on a scavenger hunt to find all of your good wishes. 

Show Off Your Baking Skills 

There are not many things as special as baking with Mom. She always has the perfect recipe and knows just how to fill the house with the best smells. After your baked goods come out of the oven, show them off on these placemats featuring uplifting words for Mom. Don’t be afraid to share them on your social media as well! 

Test How Well You Know Your Mom 

After you’ve decorated the house and baked with your mom, it’s time for a little friendly competition. Try answering these 32 questions about your mom, like her least favorite smell or a time when she met someone famous, and see how many you can get right. It just might lead to a good story or two before you’re done.

Final Thoughts How to Celebrate Your Mom

Celebrating Mother’s Day may be more complicated this year because of the pandemic. However, I hope this list of ideas helps make your mom’s day special and enjoyable!

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