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Real Neat Blog Award

December 11, 2019, Author: Tamra Cater

I was nominated by Jaya at Nin Chronicles for this award. I love Jaya’s blog posts on positive parenting, so please check out her blog.

This award is a way for a blogger to show appreciation for other blogs that they think are really neat! So, I’m honored to be nominated by Jaya for this!

Rules of the Real Neat Blog Award:

  • Display the award logo on your site.
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the questions from the blogger who nominated you.
  • Nominate up to ten bloggers.
  • Ask your nominees seven questions.

Jaya’s Questions:

Do you have a favorite season? If so, why?

I love spring in the South! It’s no longer cold, but it’s also not too hot yet.

What problem in the world today do you want to change?

Well, there’s a lot of things, of course. But one thing that has always bothered me is that some people don’t have a home to go to. Yes, some people may prefer to be homeless or don’t care for whatever reason. But, I hate that there are people who do not want to be homeless and have no place to go.

Are you a dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate person?

I am definitely a milk chocolate person.

What is your favorite hobby/pastime?

I love swimming and drawing/painting!

Do you enjoy sunshine?

For the most part, yes 🙂 Just not when I get sunburned.

What is the best place to eat in your hometown?

I live in a town in Mississippi. The best place to eat is called Leatha’s BBQ.

What does being kind to children mean to you? 

A lot! I wasn’t also treated very kindly by someone that supposedly loved me, so I know how it affected me. It affects so many aspects of development, so it’s hugely important.

My Nominees:

Brittany from Growing Our Family. I love her podcasts on different parenting topics!

Ash from Nurtured Neurons. His posts are so informative, and I love how they are backed up by science!

Catey from Olive Juice. She has a wonderful blog, please check it out!

My Questions for my Nominees:

I had to borrow some from Jaya too!

1. What is your favorite season, and why?

2. What has been your biggest parenting challenge so far?

3. What is your favorite hobby?

4. What problem in the world do you want to change?

5. What is your favorite holiday?

6. What is your favorite food?

7. What are your goals for 2020?

Thanks for reading!


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comments (2)

  • avatar image
    I loved reading your answers to my questions! The humor you threw in there with the sun made me laugh!

    Jaya Avendel

    December 11, 2019 Reply
    • avatar image
      Thanks I’m so glad!

      Tamra Cater

      December 15, 2019 Reply