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Tech and Apps to Help Students Succeed

November 12, 2019, Author: Tamra Cater

This is a guest post done by Rae Steinbach. Please see the bio below!

Many parents and teachers have trouble keeping children off their phones, but technology actually opens a variety of new opportunities at school. More and more apps are looking for ways to engage students in the classroom and improve educational outcomes.

This article will cover a few of the most innovative apps and technologies that are currently being used for educational purposes. Keep in mind that businesses are only scratching the surface of these possibilities—it’s impossible to predict how smartphones, tablets, and other devices will be utilized in schools in the next five or ten years.


Language acquisition is significantly easier for younger children, and scientists estimate that kids need to start learning a second language by age ten to eventually speak it as well as a native speaker. Unfortunately, getting children invested in language learning isn’t always that simple.

Learning a language involves a number of tedious tasks that some kids won’t be interested in until middle or high school. Duolingo offers a more interactive language learning experience that simplifies the process for kids and adults alike.

It’s possible to learn a language to an intermediate level using Duolingo alone, but the app is even more effective when combined with a classroom setting. Children are more likely to finish homework and study on their own if they have access to a kid-friendly interface like Duolingo.

Khan Academy Kids

Rather than targeting a specific subject like Duolingo, Khan Academy Kids is designed to get kids more interested in learning in general. It primarily targets children from the ages of two to six and provides countless games, books, and other activities to make learning fun.

Some of the topics available with Khan Academy Kids include math, reading, and science, and the wide variety of activities prevents the app from growing stale. It’s entirely free to use and doesn’t come with ads, so you don’t have to worry about exposing your kids or students to promotions while they’re focused on learning.

Epic! Reading Library

Learning school subjects is obviously important for kids, but simply reading at a young age is strongly correlated with positive outcomes. Kids who learn to read early and continue reading throughout childhood are typically more engaged at school and more interested in learning.

For just $8 per month, Epic! Reading Library gives kids access to books written for children of all ages, including options for kids who aren’t yet in school as well as those in elementary and early middle school. Even better, it’s completely free for librarians and teachers working in elementary schools.

Final Thoughts on Tech and Apps to Help Students Succeed

The habits your child develops at a young age will have a major impact on his or her behavior later on. These apps will help them stay engaged and motivated with their learning. In turn, they shouldn’t become burnt out from more traditional approaches to education.

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