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The Healthier Way to Lose Pregnancy Weight

May 23, 2020, Author: Tamra Cater

Many at times, the attention is centered on the baby; breastfeeding, changing diapers, bathing, and dressing the infant. We’re not implying it’s not a good thing, but the mom needs to look out for herself too. The care includes recovery and healing, diet, and often forgotten part of cutting down pregnancy pounds. Before we can go forward with how to let off the weight, better check out the best postpartum underwear available in the market – it’s worth it!

So let’s jump to the topic of the day, but hold on we gotta know several facts before we move forward. Well, the question is how much weight should you gain during pregnancy? Numerous expectant ladies tend to assume, ‘I’m fine’, ‘I can always lose it’. They need some education on this to eliminate unforeseen harm. The normal weight gain during pregnancy ranges around 25.3, plus or minus 1.

4 Tips for a Healthier Postpartum Weightloss

It’s quite a hassle to cater for pregnancy weight gain when you have no direction on how to go about it, but don’t you worry coz we got you! So how can you healthily burn down those extra pounds? Let’s find out.

1.Mental Preparation

Well well well, you ought to start at this point. Hey, don’t get it twisted, we don’t mean meditation or taking part in any of those higher mental energy sessions. Now that you’re interested in understanding how to lose weight after pregnancy then you ought to carry some ‘intel’ with you, mom!

First and foremost, please keep off from those luring sites showing how you’re able to get things done in a matter of weeks and the products offered by uncertified manufacturers. Pay your doctor a visit and allow him to guide you through the dos and don’ts because everyone gains a different quantity of weight meaning conditions will be different while trying to lose it. Also, get tested for various conditions to get to comprehend what ways might work for you going forward.

healthier way to lose pregnancy weight

2. Don’t Go Gaga on your Diet

Now, we have here a critical one! Hundreds of diet plans are available out there on ways to drop some pounds. Being an approach of increasing popularity, some of them insist that it can work for those seeking solutions on how to lose weight fast after pregnancy. Don’t fall for any of those adverts! It’s necessary to know that you require a well-balanced diet after delivering a baby since both you and your baby need the nutrients. Do not try to extremely decrease your calorie consumption to drop the excess pounds since it might drastically influence both you and the baby’s well-being (during breastfeeding).

What you’re required to observe is;

  • Adapt to healthy snacks-might as well prepare your own
  • Pick the healthy proteins
  • Eat fiber-rich foods
  • Monitor your calorie intake
  • Say no to alcohol

Most importantly, get to know how much weight you need to cut down, the diet approach you’ll use, and after how long to expect changes.

healthier way to lose pregnancy weight


3. Breastfeed!

Myth: Breastfeeding is for babies. The belief of many, right? Breastfeeding has a host of advantages that many people don’t know. So, let’s go through them;

  • Assists the womb regain its normal size
  • Boosts the infant’s immunity and reduces chances to illnesses
  • Diminishes the mom’s potential risk to disease
  • It helps moms lose weight, especially within the first 6 months when the infant is fully dependent on the milk.

The excess fats that your body carries will eventually be used in the production of the milk. The first 3 months might have null signs of weight loss.


4. Formulate a Workout Plan

Diet and activity go hand in hand if you purpose to burn down the extra pounds. When started before delivery exercise might serve as amongst the causes of no weight gain during pregnancy. So what are the things you need to consider in your routine?

  • Cardio

Exercises like walking, morning jogs, sprinting, skipping ropes, and cycling are proven to have been very effective with weight loss over time. The reason behind this is the fact that they assist in calorie-burn considering the measure of intensity that is deployed during the workout. The essential consideration is to start slow, as the sequence suggests, and as your body adapts then you can go to the next as you also increase the intensity. About the timing, 10 minutes would be an ideal point, to begin with.

  • Strength Training

Resistance training can be another way to meet your weight loss. Lifting weights can help you burn those extra calories and also build stronger muscles. You will need a stomach belt to prevent any injuries on your tummy as it is healing. A weight lifter can maintain the recommended weight gain during pregnancy since the mentalism is slightly high that one who doesn’t do resistance training.


Putting all the pieces together; having a good mentality while approaching mass loss after pregnancy, having a solid workout plan and a proper diet will help you achieve your goals. Other aspects like drinking lots of water, sleeping enough, and joining a support group will be very helpful. 

NB: Your shape before giving birth will affect your journey to regaining your old body.

How much pregnancy weight did you gain? What plan do you have to lose it? Leave a comment! 

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healthier way to lose pregnancy weight

Author’s Bio:

Amalia Liberman a wife and a mother of two as well as a novelist and writer, she has been featured in Women’s Health magazine and also written different articles in lifestyle magazines. Her roles as a mother and a social worker have allowed her to gain immense experience in communicating with children who are faced with uncertainties in life. Having worked with kids for over fifteen years now, she’s well versed in most issues affecting children and their physical and psychological development. Her passions lead her to search out knowledge and she doesn’t mind sharing her findings.  


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