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Virtual Thanksgiving Activities Your Family Will Love

November 17, 2020, Author: Tamra Cater

A year ago did you know what Zoom was? Likely not or at least not to the extent you know it now. This year, people have graduated via Zoom, couples have exchanged vows and said “I do” via Zoom, and grieving families have attended funerals via Zoom. What a year difference can make, but the importance of these occasions remains. Especially when it comes to celebrating the holidays. 

So, while you might not be holding hands and passing plates around the table this Thanksgiving, you can still celebrate friends and family by participating in some entertaining holiday activities. 

Have some laughs putting your culinary skills to the test. Host a virtual cook-off, send your extended family your dishes, and vote using these ballot cards to see who is the Masterchef (winner gets all the leftovers?!). This is your opportunity to finally tell your Aunt Susan that there is some room for improvement with her green bean casserole! 

Not a fan of cooking? Try photography instead. There is something so satisfying about the perfect Thanksgiving table. Candles, Fall leaves, holiday silverware and a full plate of delish food. You can take some artistic photos by placing your plate and side dishes according to this guide.

If both cooking and photography aren’t your things, check out this list of virtual Thanksgiving activities to make this Thanksgiving a memorable one! For instance, you can play “What am I?” virtually with these cards. Download them here

Final Thoughts on Virtual Thanksgiving Activities

I know this pandemic won’t seem to go away, but if you’re looking to still celebrate and keep your distance, these activities should help! I hope you enjoy your time with your family and friends! Stay safe!

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