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24 Simple Ways to Connect with Your Child

December 29, 2019, Author: Tamra Cater

According to one article, it’s important to create a close connection with our child, so they develop into a happy, well-behaved kid. Thus, it’s not enough to only tell our child that we love them- We need to put love into action every day, and we can do that by finding simple ways to connect with your child every day.

What does it mean to do that? It means that we should make our relationship with our child our highest priority. In doing so, we are more present and pay attention to even the little things. As a busy mom, this can be difficult to do. I know that I cook, do laundry, and clean, as well as work. Even though all of these things have to be done, I prioritize a period of time each day to only focus on my daughter.

Building a connection and relationship with your child takes time and it starts early on in life.. And like any relationship, we continually have to nurture it. That being said, there are many ways to build a connection with your child. These are some suggestions I have.

Simple Ways to Build a Connection with Your Child

1. Paint her nails. Sometimes, I even let her do mine. She’s still in preschool, so on occasion, I have to secretly get the nail polish off when she’s not around.

2. Play with her. Even though it may seem silly, I do play “house” or “dolls” with her.

3. Do her hair. I honestly don’t know much about doing hair, so I researched hairstyles. For ideas, check out beautiful little girl hairstyles.

4.Play dress up. My daughter loves her princess outfits! So, I help her put on her dresses and shoes.

5. Cook together. My daughter LOVES helping me in the kitchen. We make cookies or I have her mix ingredients together for another meal.

6. Get outside and go for a walk together. Check out this article to learn how to get more out of your walks- 10 ways to get more from your walks.

7. Go to the zoo. My daughter loves looking at the animals!

8. Do a craft or other activity together. Visit Toddler Activities Collection for ideas.

9.Paint or color together.

10.Plant flowers.

11. Cuddle and watch a movie together.

12. Have a dance party!

13. Ask her questions. I enjoy asking my daughter about her likes and dislikes or things she did at preschool. She responds to me, and often times, she asks me similar questions at a later time! So, we get to know each other better!

14.Play hide-and-seek. This is a game my daughter has always loved!

15. Pull out the picture albums or even toys/clothes from when they were a baby. My daughter enjoys learning more about herself and what she looked like as a baby!

16. Read a story/book together. Need some ideas for some amazing books? I recommend these:

simple ways to connect with your childsimple ways to connect with your childsimple ways to connect with your child

17.Play chase! This always gets my daughter laughing and smiling.

18. Go to the playground.

19. Jump on the bed! If you have a bed that won’t break of course…

20. Go eat lunch together. Go to their favorite place. My daughter never says no to going to eat pizza!

21. Hug your child or sit with them. Research shows that humans need touch and that it “increase trust, decrease violent, strengthen the immune system, and increase overall well-being.”

22. Take your child to a new place. It’s always fun to watch my child discover something new. For example, my daughter had her first trip to the beach this past summer and enjoyed every minute of it!

23. Play a board game together. Here are a few ideas:

24. Have technology-free times. This allows you to be more present with your children.

Final Thoughts on Ways to Build a Connection with Your Child

These are some simple ways to build a connection with your child, and I hope they help give you some ideas! It’s important to find something that works for you and your family. As a mom, I know life can be super busy at times, so focus on at least 15-30 minutes of focused time with your child. Additionally, you can build a connection with your child by including them in your daily chores. For example, find ways your child can help with cooking and doing laundry. You got this mamma!

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simple ways to build a connection with your child

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    Beautifully done, Tammy!!! Great ideas and really important!!! Love you!

    Nancylee Rast Cater

    December 31, 2019 Reply
  • avatar image
    I love this message. Building connection with your child can be daunting, but your simple ideas are all effective ways to spend time with your kid(s) and have fun!

    Jaya Avendel

    January 5, 2020 Reply
    • avatar image
      You have listed a ton of great ideas! Connecting on our childrens level and on their terms feels great!


      February 1, 2020 Reply