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What Moms Wish They Knew About Toddlers

October 14, 2019, Author: Tamra Cater

The toddler years occur between 1-3 years of age. These are very interesting times, as it brings new challenges, but it is also an exciting time! Your toddler likely shows new skills and ideas that surprise you. As a parent, I have also learned a lot from own daughter, as you can read from one post- Lessons My Daughter My Taught Me.

I thought it would be interesting to ask other moms what they wish they knew about their toddlers. The answers I got were awesome! Here are their responses:

What Moms Wish They Knew About Toddlers

1. They are capable of more than what parents think. “They are capable of a lot more than many parents think! They just need to be given opportunities to learn & practice. I love teaching my toddlers to be helpers. To bring items or put them away are simple tasks to start with that help build confidence & independence. I believe the younger you start teaching them how to participate in chores, the more it becomes routine and there will be less resistance to what are usually considered non-preferred activities for kids.” -Jennifer from One Hoppy Momma

2. You don’t need the latest and greatest toys. “You don’t need the latest and greatest toys to keep them occupied! I did a post on how the remote for our tv and the game system kept my little guy quiet during a funeral.” -Kale from Two Household Items to Keep Your Toddler Quiet

Similar to Kale, Eva from Fit4Motherhood stated, “I wish I knew his favorite “toys” would be stones, sticks, and dirt. No fancy toys or educational stuff. Dirt. To our latest vacation, I brought a whole set of beach toys, but they didn’t have much success!”

3. Your toddler’s performance does not translate into your success as a parent. “They will have the tantrum. They will be sad. They will make the wrong choices. But that’s ok. Great even. It’s part of growing up and learning about themselves and the world. The hard work is in realizing that their performance does not translate into your success as a parent.” -Gigi from Life Full of Sunshine

4. They experience everything full force. “They experience everything full force. They love so hard. They tantrum so hard. They hug like life depends on it. They live it up like we all should keep doing. And they test our patience every day. ” -Julie from Fab Working Mom Life

Abeta from Kin Unplugged made a similar statement: “They understand and feel far more than you might give them credit for. They’re also all about testing boundaries – some test more intensively than others.”

5. They teach us so many life lessons. “They will teach us so many life lessons – the simple little truths that we tend to forget as we grow up.” -Eunice from 6 Lessons I Learned from My Toddler

6. There’s no better teacher for being in the moment. “There’s no better teacher for being in the moment than a toddler! They will show you all the wonder and beauty of the world that we forget to see.” -Alexis from Mamma in Pearls

Here’s a toddler enjoying the moment, even if she is covered in paint!

7. Personal hygiene is akin to torture for most toddlers! This one is from Cindy that posted How to End the Toddler Teeth Brushing Struggle.

This is absolutely true! For some, it may be brushing their teeth, while for others it may be brushing their hair or getting it washed. For example, my daughter hates it when I brush her hair! However, sometimes it helps when I say I’m going to put a bow in her hair.

8. They thrive on routine! Temper tantrums may result if you stray from your morning, afternoon, and night routine. -Margaret from 10 Truths About Life with a Three-Year-Old

Why are routines so important to toddlers? Why do they thrive off of them?

According to Aha Parenting, routines help toddlers function well. Most things happen TO toddlers, so toddlers feel more safe and secure with a predictable schedule. Also, it helps toddlers feel more in control of their own lives.

9. Toddlers copy and imitate what you do and say. This one is from me. Imitation is one way that toddlers learn. So, this is also the time to be careful about what you say and do, because you never know what they may pick up on. 🙂

I’ll give you an example of one time I should have been more careful about what I said around my toddler. I walked into my daughter’s room after she had woken up from a nap. She had overflowed her diaper and was standing up pointing to a pile of poop saying, “Oh Sh**! Oh Sh**!” This was when she was about 20 months. I realized later that I would say that phrase quite a bit without thinking about it, and she had picked up on it!

Final Thoughts

Toddlers are fun, hilarious, and way smarter than we think! They can problem solve and say some brilliant things for little ones. They teach us a lot about life and what we may be taking for granted. In addition, toddlers love and feel other emotions intensely. To me, this is a beautiful time in their life, and I want to hold onto it and take in as much as I can.

Enjoy this time as much as you can, as I know I want to enjoy it while it lasts!


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    I’m not a mom, but I find toddlers so curious and interesting! I think it’s completely true about them teaching us life lessons. Sometimes their wisdom takes me by surprise!


    October 16, 2019 Reply
  • avatar image
    These are great tips for toddlers!


    October 24, 2019 Reply